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The necessary knowledge about tattooing compactly and understandably summarized.

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We help you to make your dream job come true. You can learn all topics around tattooing with us. Our tattoo courses, tattoo seminars & instructional videos help you as a tattoo beginner to find an easy and uncomplicated start. Our tattoo courses are logically structured and cover all topics in detail. You will also receive advice from competent trainers and experts from the tattoo scene.

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Sarah S.

Since there are hardly any possibilities to get a practical insight "just like that" into the craft of tattooing and I have especially in Austria, I have decided to attend this seminar. A good choice - the period may seem short, but nevertheless a compact basic theory mediated. But also topics such as dealing with customers and professional advice were discussed. In addition - which was the charming part for me - there was of course also a practical part at where everything from the good old spool machines to the new pens could be tried on the exercise skin. All this with a competent and incredibly casual lecturer, who then in the evening when you were stabbed you were allowed to look over your shoulder. The number of participants is perfect and in my case I was lucky to have an incredibly sociable group with which the Learning and trying out was even more fun. For me the long way was definitely worth it, it was a great time with Imme & the others. (Translated from German)

Robert T.

The seminar with Ralf is extraordinarily detailed and very informative. I felt very well taken care of by Ralf right from the start. He is very friendly and uncomplicated and conveys the wide range of course contents and the necessary knowledge. professionally competent, illustrative, easy to understand due to his pedagogically trained background incredibly simple and targeted.In addition, he spices up the course content with many valuable tips in all aspects and useful tricks for which one would otherwise have to learn or find out for oneself over years. Ralf also answers questions objectively from his broad experience effortlessly. My conclusion is that this course in Germany is the best beginner course for prospective tattoo artists like me. Because he also offers in addition to the theoretical basics and tattooing on artificial skin with the latest equipment Cheyenne Pen (!!!!) and Cheyenne Hawk Thunder a significant added value through the included 2 practice days and with instructed or accompanied morning. All in all, this seminar is seamlessly to recommend (to recommend further) to all those who are already seriously engaged in the subject of tattooing and tattooing or want to do so in the future and possibly want to earn money with it. (Translated from German)

Osnat F.

I enjoyed very much spending the days learning theory and practice with Imme. He was super interesting, informative, patient and also a sweet and funny person who is nice to spend time with and listen to. The seminar was very professional, i learned a lot !. The students that were studying with me were also very cool and nice to hang out with. I would definitely do it again. Thank you Imme!

Ramona S.

The seminar was great and I can only say it to everyone Heart, who is thinking about learning to tattoo! Although four days seem like a very short time, the course was full of theoretical content and practical exercises. In addition, there were also extensive documents. But what impressed me most personally was the way the content was taught. Imme always managed to combine interesting and informative reports with the seminar content and never lost the thread - always making the connection and thus anchoring the theoretical material in the memory. The number of participants of four people was the perfect course size. Questions arose that you might not have thought of yourself, but there was still enough time for each individual. And then I was lucky to end up in a great group! Thanks Imme, it was awesome! (Translated from German)

Dimitri B.

The seminar really exceeded my expectations. Imme is a very sympathetic, funny and above all top competent tattoo artist with many years of experience who understands how to convey all the important basics and information in a friendly way within a working week in a nice relaxed atmosphere. For me it was the perfect mixture of theory and practice ... maybe a little more practice. It is a very good basis to start a tattoo career, I can only recommend everyone who wants to start with tattooing to participate in this seminar, only the pizza there I would not recommend you. Thanks for the super funny and instructive week Imme. (Translated from German)

Thomas H.

The seminar was great. The theory not as usually in school (right in - left out), but perfectly conveyed, with lasting effect! Exactly the same in the practical implementation. In the studio with normal day-to-day business and customers, I think you also got a very good insight from the work of a professional! It was worth it with Imme!

Alla M.

The seminar is really very worthwhile. In a relaxed and casual atmosphere you will get the concentrated knowledge of Imme imparted. No questions remain unanswered and I felt well taught at all times. Imme generously shares his vast wealth of experience as an independent entrepreneur with the seminar participants and gives many tips and tricks from his practical experience. All important topics are worked on, not only around tattooing itself but also what administratively belongs to it. For example, tips on dealing with customers, hygiene, legal protection, billing, equipment and consumables needed, etc.. The documents you get are very extensive and full of useful documents. A perfect reference book, one finds in them everything one needs. The theoretical contents are worth their weight in gold, very detailed and you are sure to save yourself many mistakes. Also in the practical exercises, of which I would have liked to do a few more, you learn a lot how to handle the machine and skin in practice. What's great is that the supervision doesn't stop after the end of the seminar. I will certainly take up the offer to get the first "real" tattoo with his support in the studio. So Imme, thank you very much for the great seminar, it was a lot of fun and I will definitely recommend you. (Translated from German)

Sarah J. K.

In April I ordered a Rotary, because my wish was to learn to tattoo, unfortunately with only moderate success (shit lines, etc.) my husband finally found the offer of the Onkele Imme and encouraged me to take a course. I hesitated for a while, because of the high costs, after a pleasant short conversation with Onkele decided to head my vacation money and simply book the course, Imme then put the course times still so that it fits me perfectly. The course was just awesome, we learned a lot of theory, color science, frame hygiene plan, anatomy, needle science to name just a few topics! We were present at several customer consultation appointments, we were also allowed to create motifs according to customer wishes, we were allowed to watch a realism session. We also scented ourselves to train on exercise skin. The learning order is very good, I often look something up. Also human first class!!!! Super Type of the Imme. I can write him anytime and always get advice from him! Every day I train and get better and better, without Imme I would never have made it! Now I bought myself a Cheyenne Thunder and how should I say, it is pure passion, I also want to say that I can't draw at all! But I can draw! I THANK YOU LOVE ALWAYS FOR EVERYTHING! People course book, if you really want to become a tattoo artist from the bottom of your heart, you are doing everything right! (Translated from German)

Ina T.

I not only learned a lot in the basic seminar with Imme, but also had a lot of fun! He explained everything well and vividly, his examples from his life and his experiences were super interesting and I was able to understand the content better notice. Imme is well prepared and adapts itself according to the abilities of the apprentice. The program is carried out in a structured manner. It is a great mix of theory and practice. Imme stands one with words and deeds to the side. Great guy, authentic and with heart and soul! (Translated from German)

Sascha M.

It was awesome... I could learn a lot and expand my knowledge. Even now I still have my dossier always at hand. I enjoyed it very much. It is a pity that it is only so short. I would recommend the seminar to anyone who would like to learn more about tattooing or would like to tattoo wants. If you knew how I raved about the seminar.

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